Meet Tamari Zeigler!

The Stylist Behind The Chair & The Products

Tamari is proudly the founder of FAB Hair International. But her love for hair reaches far back into her childhood, where she had her first clients: Barbies! All of her dolls had a wash, cut, and style!

When it came time to do her own hair, Tamari already had a style in mind. She was one of the few little girls that actually enjoyed getting their hair done.

That passion for hair influenced her studies and career. While attending college, Tamari majored in Pan-African Studies. Her academics helped her to understand the psychological and socio-economic impacts on hair and beauty.

The Roots of FAB Hair International

Before the product line, there was FAB Hair International, the salon! In 2019, Tamari began whipping up all-natural, hand-made products for specific clients sensitive to harsh chemicals and ingredients. But, due to the 2020 pandemic, Tamari temporarily had to shut her salon doors.

Although she was unable to serve clients directly behind her chair, Tamari still wanted to make her expertise and hair care accessible. So she poured all of her passion and talent into completing her product collection.

Evident in every bottle is Tamari’s value for hair health, consistency, and her clients. Her formulas feature plant-based ingredients that gently soothe the scalp and stimulate growth. FAB Hair’s quality hand-made approach also continues to benefit those most sensitive to hair care products.

Tamari has since reopened her salon doors.

Yet, due to FAB Hair International’s success, she continues to provide her products to her clients and to all women who wish to have Flawless and Beautiful hair.

FAB Hair International

Celebrating the Health & Beauty of All Curls & Coils

Women with all types of curls and coils is truly the inspiration behind our brand. Every product created helps embrace your beauty from the inside out while promoting the health and uniqueness of your curls.

Flawless and Beautiful

Our hair textures have so many similarities but are also so different. For every kink in your coil or every bend in your strand, experience a healthy product that brings out the beauty in each.

Healthy and Confident

With our products, fully embrace styles that express your confidence and personality while boosting your overall hair health.

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